Cedar Berries Allergy Remedy!

So many people are having major problems with allergies around the central Texas area right now.

Due to this, I have found an article that I felt strong enough about to share with all my readers!
If you or anyone you know is suffering from allergies right now, please click on the following link to read a story that will help in combating the allergy issues:
Cedar Berries Allergy Remedy | eHow.com.

This is actually a remedy I know to help from a woman I work with. She used to be so sick from Cedar Allergies that she would be in bed with fever, aches, etc. until one day was told to do this. She’s faithfully followed this remedy & has not been sick from allergies for going on 5 yrs now.
What do you have to lose??? Try it out & please comment back as to your outcome!

Happy eating!


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